The internal structure possesses reinforcing material: frame made of high strength steel belt +3 layer polyester carcass materials to improve high-speed stability and durability, while maintaining high impact resistance strength.

Rough aggressive style pattern design: horizontal 4 chunks of tread design, greatly improving tyre grip on bad roads, development-shoulder block, wide lateral, and pit slopes provide strong traction for climbing.

Studded shoulder tread design: Let the tyres successfully break the ice in the harsh winter weather and climb mountains with ease.

Ultra-thick sidewall tread design: Shoulder tread extended to the sidewall is designed to ensure the tyre side impact forces providing strong traction while climbing slopes.

A small ditch shoulder rib design: Further improves tyre safety, ensures tyre from punctures at the bottom of the tread.

Tiny steel Design: Tyre wet skid resistance improves braking performance, strengthening the grip tread.

A special formulation: high wear-resistant tread compound formulates low heat, high tyre side rigidity formulation improves impact resistance, ensuring driving safety.

Sidewall design rim protection boss: Lets the rim and the tyre remain close, while avoiding the side of the rim to be hit.



Mud Terrain 265/50/20
Mud Terrain 285/70/17
Mud Terrain 285/65/18

Other sizes available on request



Asymmetrical Tread Pattern Design:Delivering an even contact between the unique tyre tread and the road surface. The Rugged Terrain has exceptional handling on the curves and hard turns that are so common on New Zealand roads and provide you an exceptional driving experience.

Wide and narrow grooves combination: The narrow grooves increase grip on road while the wide grooves provide excellent traction in extreme terrain.

Trapezoid and triangle blocks:Improves the strength of blocks to avoid lugs biting and hydroplaning.

High-strength steel belt and carcass material:We only use high-strength, world class materials to ensure tyre quality.

Compound:Top quality rubber compound contributes to excellent puncture resistance, tea and wear resistance.

Dual sidewall designs:Each Rugged Terrain has two sidewall designs. The pattern not only protects but also provides additional grip in deep mud and rocky terrain.

Unique Tread Design:Unique pattern design makes your vehicle stand out from the crowd.



Durable, simple, elegant, all-weather pattern design: The use of reinforced matrix material, thick sidewall and tread pattern design, off-road rally and ordinary SUV owners are the best choice.

The new knife through pattern design: Adjusts the tyre tread stiffness while reducing tyre noise, a tyre suitable for both mud, ice and snow is also suitable for highway pavement.

The tread centre "S" and type "I" block design: Greatly improve tyre grip, while offering to bring the tyre appearance concise beauty. SUV owners and extreme off-road enthusiasts ordinarily are a favourite.

Huge shoulder block design: To ensure the rigidity of the tyre so that the tyre has excellent anti-impact performance, but also when crossing obstacles like mud, there is a strong grip.

Fetal shoulder large lateral groove design: Dirt road in the vehicle, or when the pit over the obstacle, you can easily grasp the ground, with a rapid climb out of the pit or obstructions.

Lightning steel design: While on snowy and icy roads, snow and ice act like a knife ease rupture, forming an effective grip.

The centre tread ditch protruding shoulder tread blocks and a small ditch protruding rib design: Effectively prevent the tyre debris on complex roads, even when damaged by sharp objects.

30% thicker sidewall tread design: When crossing obstacles, the sidewall can resist strong impact, thereby greatly improving tyre life; or on a rugged road, when the vehicle provides a strong assist grip, the tyre will ease over the pothole.

All-weather tread compound designed to: Provide a powerful tread tear resistance, while meeting in the snowy weather with good grip, the "all-terrain" tyre has become a veritable name.

Low-noise tread design: Rational design is combined to optimise the ratio of the pitch arrangement pattern; the tyre noise is greatly reduced on all paved roads.

Adopted on 2-3 layers of polyester carcass structure + material is wrapped JLB, these rugged tyres ensure comfort and safety while performing at high speeds.



All Terrain 265/50/20
All Terrain 285/50/20
All Terrain 265/60/18
All Terrain 265/55/17

Other sizes available on request.